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The Journey

At the end of 19th century, Indochina is a group of French colonial territories in Southeast Asia, including three Vietnamese regions of Tonkin (north), Annam (centre), and Cochinchina (south) with Cambodia and Laos added in later years. All were heavily influenced by French culture.

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In Cochinchina, there was Saigon - or notably known as La perle de L’Extrême Orient, which is the capital of Indochina, to compete with Singapore of the British. Sai Gon during this time was constructed with more attention from the French compared to other colonies. Indian, Chinese, European, American,... merchants, on their trading journeys across the world, were very impressed with this new city. They anchored at Ben Nghe port (Bach Dang) to buy cloth, silk, jewelry and then stopped by the jammed clubs nearby. Then, the name “La perle de L’Extrême Orient” (Pearl of the Orient) was introduced and spread around the world.

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The lifestyle of the high class back then at the capital of Indochina was extremely lavish and extravagant. “Monsieur" (Sir) was used for men with high position in the society. They enjoyed a leisurely life in beautiful villas, far from the crowded city central. In front of the villas, there were always a big garden, covered in green and well-catered grass along with several clusters of daffodils hidden under the bell fruit tree, where every morning the sun shines through and disperses the smell of daffodils across the garden. Outdoor gathering or afternoon tea party were usually organized under the tree, there his children would climb up and pick the young fruits despite their mother's complaints.

Come to Maison Mận-Đỏ, you will not only go back to the old golden days of the Cochinchine era, but you will get to experience the beautiful dishes that have traveled through time with the stories of a generation, a family and a country. 

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