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Year Of The Dog - Tet Of Reunions


Maison Mận-Đỏ will be closed only on February 15, and we will re-open at 18:00 on February 1st.

Year Of The Dog - Tet Of Reunions

With Tet coming so close, Maison Mận-Đỏ has decorated a beautiful spring scene in our front yard, in order for guests to take lovely pictures during their visit.

Let's welcome the new year with the opportunity of lucky drawings while enjoying traditional dishes of Tet. 

The lucky drawings with many great gifts will start from 10/02/2018 and it will end when there's no gift left.

Visit Maison Mận-Đỏ today with friends and family to immerse yourselves in the festive and cozy atmosphere of Tet.


Maison Mận-Đỏ

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